Seagate Technology ST36530WC hard drive specifications

Seagate Medalist Pro 6530 - hard drive - 6.5 GB - Ultra Wide SCSI

Seagate's Medalist Pro SCSI provides an affordable SCSI storage option for desktop PCs, personal workstations and entry level servers. The drive spins at a fast 7200 RPM and features internal transfer rates from 108 to 192 Mbits/second. The Medalist Pro uses EPRML recording method. The Enhanced Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) technology keeps data clear from background interference and allows Seagate disk drives to increase areal density (disk capacity), boost transfer speed, improve yield through the drive's ability to self-calibrate and lower disk noise. It also uses Advanced SCSI Architecture II (ASA II) to increase drive performance and provide easy cross-platform migration. The 3.5 inch, low profile Medalist Pro hard drive supports Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting technology (SMART) to help prevent data loss and provide advance warning of drive failures. It is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows and NetWare.

Recommended software for Seagate Technology ST36530WC status and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring:

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Seagate Technology

HDD Part Number

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Device Type
Hard drive - Hot-swap hard drive

1 in

5.7 in

4 in

1.5 lbs

Hard Drive

Form Factor

6.5 GB

Interface Type
Ultra Wide SCSI

80 pin Centronics (SCA-2)

SCSI Signaling Type
Single-ended (SE)

Buffer Size
512 KB

Compliant Standards


Drive Transfer Rate
40 MBps

Seek Time
9.5 ms (average) / 21 ms (max)

Track-to-Track Seek Time
2.5 ms

Average Latency
4.17 ms

Spindle Speed
7200 rpm


Mean time before failure
800,000 hour(s)

Storage Hard Drive / Recoverable Errors
1 per 10^10

Storage Hard Drive / Non-Recoverable Errors
1 per 10^14

Seek Errors
1 per 10^7

Storage Controller


Expansion / Connectivity

1 x Ultra Wide SCSI - 80 pin Centronics (SCA-2)

Compatible Bays
1 x Hot-swap - 3.5" x 1/3H

Compatible Slots
x None


Power Device

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
3 years warranty

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature
41 �F

Max Operating Temperature
131 �F

Humidity Range Operating
8 - 90%

Shock Tolerance
10 g @ 11ms half-sine pulse (operating) / 75 g @ 11ms half-sine pulse (non-operating)

Vibration Tolerance
0.5 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 2 g @ 20-300 Hz (non-operating)

Sound Emission
42 dB

Max Altitude Operating
9840 ft